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Carson Iceberg Wilderness

Last Week July I visited the Eastern Sierra Carson-Iceberg Wilderness area in Central California near the Nevada Border. This hike accomplished what I wanted to know. Did I have the strength and stamina to hike at altitude of 8,500 to 9,000 feet? The answer I got back was a quick and emphatic no! I did start to get symptoms of altitude sickness headache and stomach ache. Clearly I need more prep and plan to hike more in my local San Bernardino Mountains which altitude varies between 5,500 and 7,000 feet. Then I will hike again the Eastern Sierra to Lone Pine Lake and back to Carson-Iceberg to gain more experience as I am learning as I go. I was advised by a fellow hiker to go camp at some altitude the day before the hike so I become acclimated first.

Otherwise the hike was wonderful. It is good to have feet that work again even though I still have some residual balance issues but that is trivial compared to what others must endure. I have discovered something a lot of people already savor the journey, every step of it! That's what matters in life not the destination.

Here are a few photos and video of that hike.

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