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Failure and Restart (June 2022)

It's been some time since I've posted, and I have to say I thought I had failed. since I did not get the permits for the cabins at the base of the Grand Canyon plus the rainy season, I lost sight of my goal. Then about six weeks ago I realized that it is not about the destination at all but rather it is about the journey. The journey of life, or a project, or whatever to just enjoy the journey. That is what I've done I have reframed my objective to enjoy the journey, to savor every step I take and not worry about making it. With that in mind I would still love to hike the Grand Canyon from the South Rim down to the bottom, camp one night then hike back up the next day. I will do that, but it will be whenever I obtain the cabin or campsite registration which is by lottery only. In parallel to that I would also hike to the summit of Mount Whitney in the High Sierra. Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous U.S. That also requires a special permit which is by lottery. Although those are my goals I have been training for those hikes and I am hiking at least twice a week in the local San Gab

riel Mountains, and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey and much more aware of my surroundings. in the photo to the right, I came across this Doe and her Fawn.

The last week of the month we will be hiking the Eastern High Sierra again so we can get some more experience at higher altitude around 9,000 feet so much less oxygen. Keep an eye out for that post the first week of July.

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