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My First Set-Back (July 2021).

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Only four weeks in and I already experienced my first setback or multiple setbacks. Last week was a major high for me and this week was a low. So it goes I suppose, I will experience many stumbles along this path I have chosen. I can only think about the many who hike this canyon every year and why I have so many doubts. If I can do this hike, it will be a HUGE accomplishment for me and hopefully help build back some self-confidence after recovering from the worst parts of my illness. This week I experienced some heavy anxiety, not sure what that is about but I think something to do with coming through my illness somewhat OK. Secondly, I got a stomach bug, not related to my normal illness, so I was out of commission for three days and did not do my daily walks and missed my hike this week. Funny how I refer to it as my “normal illness” as I guess I am so used to it being around now it has become part of my life. So, I apologize for not having some great news this week, but I am determined to get back to it and make this happen.

One very sad note is that I saw the news that a woman died on the South Kaibab Trail this past month on 19 June apparently due to heat exhaustion.

She and her group were about halfway down the South Kaibab Trail. I prayed for her and her family. This is a big reason why my friend Pam, I will call her my coach, has said best time to hike this is October which is after the hottest part of summer and pre-winter. We will definitely make sure we take plenty of water and also make sure we drink and stay hydrated. In that same article Park Rangers responded to a hiker who drank too much water and had not consumed enough sodium, known as hyponatremia. So, we must eat plenty of salty snacks. As we hike, we lose both salt and water through sweat so that must be replaced to keep hydrated and prevent muscle cramps. Sodium is necessary to keep fluid levels in your body in balance so as we hike, we will watch each other and make sure we all are eating and drinking.

Next, I will be looking to purchase a day hiking backpack for my trip and also to train with. So, if there are any suggestions, please let me know either email at or just post a comment to this blog. I am considering the Osprey Talon 30 or the Pro 33. I only consider these because I see them recommended on several hiking sites. I have never used a backpack, so I have no personal experience to draw upon.

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